The charming Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage is one of the most beautiful attractions that you will be able to visit in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. It is located in the Kalutara District, in a small town named Ingiriya. It is quite easy to reach the site via the Panadura-Ratnapura Highway. Leading tour operators in the country like Green Holiday Centre will be able to arrange tours to the site for you, for your convenience.

Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage

Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage is nestled upon the banks of the glistening Kalu Ganga. The enchanting serenity which pervades the place makes it quite appealing for sure. The site is ideal for the meditation purposes for which it is used.

In order to reach the hermitage you will have to take a short hike up the Dombagaskanda Hill so come prepared in comfortable clothes and shoes. Once you arrive at the site, the breathtaking charm of serenity will truly enthral you! The glorious wet zone rainforest which surrounds the hermitage heightens the appeal of the place immensely.

Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage

Bodhinagala Forest

The forest here is home to many beautiful species of birds. Indeed, this is one of the best places in the island to spot beautiful birds like the endemic grey hornbill so keep your eyes peeled! Rose ringed parakeets, hanging parakeets as well as hill mynahs can easily spotted in the forest.

Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage

Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage dates back to the 1950’s. It was founded by Ven. Olaboduwe Sri Revatha Dhamma Kithti Thera. According to the story, this Thera used to reside in a small hut in the area with seven bhikkus. He used to preach to the crowds that gathered here and gradually his popularity grew. When it was time for him to leave, the villagers were quite heartbroken! They urged him to stay on and the kind Thera himself made up his mind to make the forest of Dombagaskanda his home.


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