Bodhi Pooja Ritual in Sri Lanka

Bodhi Pooja Ritual in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that has a vibrant culture and history. The people in the country greatly value the traditions that have been passed down from generations. Indeed these timeless rites and rituals lend beautiful color to the enchanting island life.

Bodhi Pooja Ritual in Sri Lanka

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka back in the 3rd century BCE during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. The arrival of Arahantha Mahinda thero, who was the son of Emperor Ashoka of India, introduced Buddhism to the country. It is said that Lord Buddha himself visited the country three times. A majority of the people living in the country are also Buddhists. As the state religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism, many facets of governance are also shaped by the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Buddhist Culture in Sri Lanka

Sanghamitta Theri brought to Sri Lanka a sapling of the bodhi tree in Buddha Gaya. It is believed that Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment under this Bodhi Tree. This sapling was planted in Mahamevna Gardens in Anuradhapura. The iconic Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, by which name the tree is known today, is one of the most venerated sites of worship among the Buddhists in the country.

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How the Bodhi Pooja is Performed

This sacred tree receives homage by a countless number of devotees throughout the year. Bodhi pooja is performed fervently by devotees seeking blessings of the sacred bodhi tree. Bodhi pooja can be performed for any bodhi tree in a temple too. A number of oil lamps are lit around the bodhi tree during this ritual. Devotees also offer flowers, fruits, coins as well as milk rice to the bodhi tree when offering a bodhi pooja.

Bodhi Pooja Ritual in Sri Lanka


You will be able to learn more about the remarkable culture and traditions of Sri Lanka has you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre. Be sure to visit the famous sites of worship. So you can admire the beauty of the traditions that have enriched the lives of the locals during your visit. And also you will be able to create unforgettable memories!

Bodhi Pooja Ritual in Sri Lanka


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