Barefoot Cafe in Colombo

Barefoot Cafe

Barefoot Cafe is one of Colombo’s most picturesque dining venues. It has been around for quite some time, attracting large numbers of locals as well as tourists. The unique ambience of the place which has been accentuated by the open spaces and soothing greenery is what sets this cafe apart from the rest of the eateries in Colombo.

Barefoot Cafe

About Barefoot Cafe

The cafe serves a wide range of Sri Lankan and European fare. And you will be spoilt for choice when dining here. The European dishes are quite popular in the cafe which attracts more tourists than the locals. Of course, the extensive beverage menu of Barefoot Cafe richly deserves to be experimented with too! You will find some incredible thirst quenchers which will be perfect for warm afternoons. Of course Ceylon tea is also offered here so you can treat yourself to a wholesome cup of Sri Lankan goodness as you dine here.

Barefoot Cafe

As the cafe is located behind the famous retail shop by the same name, you will be able to indulge in a shopping spree before you relish your meal too. This will surely create more reasons to visit Barefoot Cafe!

The chic ambience of the cafe crafts a perfect backdrop for relaxing dining experiences. You will be able to enjoy your meal outdoors, as the brilliant sunshine warms your very soul. The place is indeed a tranquil haven tucked away safely in a quiet place, in midst of the bustling city.

The service offered at Barefoot Cafe is quite good too. The waiters will always be willing to offer you their assistance if you need help with your order.

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need to obtain more information about this chic cafe. There are lots of great places in the city of Colombo that you can visit to discover the true tastes of the land.


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