Must Visit Attractions in Negombo


The beautiful coastal city of Negombo is a place that richly deserves to be explored! There are wonderful attractions and appeals to witness here so your holiday experience will rarely be dull and colorless. The article below gives details about the must visit attractions in this glorious destination.

attractions in sri lanka


Lellama is the iconic fish market in Negombo that attracts a steady number of visitors. The market is at its busiest in the early morning hours, so you will have to go there early around 3:30 a.m. in order to catch the full action of the place! The brave fishermen of Negombo display their gigantic catches which often include sharks too! The noisy market is certainly a sight to behold so do include it in your travel itenerary!

Mary’s Church

Negombo’s colorful colonial heritage is gloriously displayed in the beautiful St. Mary’s Church. The construction of the church commenced in the year 1874. The majestic church which has a beautiful pink exterior attracts large numbers of Catholics throughout the year.

Angurukaramulla Temple

Angurukaramulla Temple is a prominent Buddhist site of worship located in Negombo. It boasts of a history of 300 years! There are stunning statues, murals and paintings to see and admire here. If you desire to have a tour in this temple arranged, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

Muthurajawela marsh

Muthurajawela marsh is a popular attraction in Negombo. It is one of the 12 priority wetlands in Sri Lanka. 192 species of flora, 209 species of fauna and 102 species of birds have been recorded here. You can enjoy an idyllic boat ride in the area and create an exquisite memory during your tour in Negombo!

attractions in sri lanka

Dutch Canal

The Dutch Canal is yet another remnant of the rich colonial past. The canal which was built by the British back in the year 1804 stretches for 14.5 kilometers. Extensive restoration work has been carried out in the canal in the recent past by the Sri Lankan government.


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