Many, many centuries ago, Sri Lanka was ruled by a great and powerful King named Ravana. He abducted the consort of Lord Rama of India. Some say he did this because his sister’s nose was sliced off by Rama and Laxman while others say he was in love with Sita. The beautiful princess was brought to the island of Sri Lanka and kept hidden in an area named Ashok Vatika. Eventually the armies of Lord Rama found Sita and took her back to India. Of course a battle ensued and King Ravana lost his life. This remarkable story is recorded in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Ashok Vatika- A Beautiful Garden that Sheltered a Foreign Princess

Throughout the island of Sri Lanka, you can find sites that are connected to this timeless story of love and war. Ashok Vatika is one of the most important places mentioned in Ramayana. It is believed that Sita was kept imprisoned here. She preferred to stay in this garden instead of at Ravana’s majestic castle. There was a magnificent Ashoka tree here, which provided the distressed Sita, shelter and comfort. Large portions of the garden were destroyed by monkey god Hanuman when he arrived in the island and found the lost princess.

Ramayanaya Trips in Sri Lanka

Some believe that the location of Ashok Vatika is what we call Hakgala Botanical Garden today. Thus the place is quite frequently included in Ramayana tours in the island. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to obtain more information about these spectacular sites of interest that are located in the island of Sri Lanka.

Ashok Vatika- A Beautiful Garden that Sheltered a Foreign Princess


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