The gorgeous little island of Sri Lanka has a myriad of delights to offer to all who visit it. Adrenaline junkies who visit the country will rarely be disappointed as there are plenty of exciting indulgences to enjoy here. The article below gives details about a few exhilarating adventure sports that you can try out in Sri Lanka.

4 Days in Sri Lanka Tour Plan

White water rafting

The charming town of Kitulgala offers the incredible experience of white water rafting. The town is known to be one of the wettest places in the country. The enchanting Kelani River which flows through it is quite popular among adventure sports enthusiasts. There are many water sport centres in the area offering white water rafting expeditions to all. These establishments maintain the highest safety standards. So you will be able to experience the thrills that this epic sport offers without a worry on your mind.

Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka

Rock climbing

Sri Lanka has many impressive rock formations scattered throughout its territories. Those who like to be brave the heights of a giant rock will be able to find true delight for sure when visiting places like Sigiriya and Dambulla. Be sure to bring your own shoes and climbing gloves as they have to fit perfectly in order to avoid accidents.

Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka

Kite surfing

If you want to enjoy the sensational thrills of kite surfing, you should definitely visit the enchanting city of Kalpitiya! There are plenty of water sport centres here offering equipment and training for even absolute beginners to enjoy kite surfing in safety. If you want to obtain more information about kite surfing in Sri Lanka, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka

Scuba diving

The little island of Sri Lanka is surrounded by the great Indian Ocean. There are remarkable sites of beauty to explore, hidden beneath the rippling ocean waves. Explore the majesty of the underwater world as you enjoy an unforgettable experience of scuba diving. Places like Unawatuna and Pigeon Island National Park are quite popular among scuba divers in the country.

Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka


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