The food scene in the city of Colombo is indeed quite colourful. There are options to delight all types of palettes here so a remarkable culinary adventure is always guaranteed.

88 Chinese Seafood House

Sri Lankans have a long standing love-affair with Chinese cuisine! The sheer number of Chinese restaurants that you find in all corners of the land affirms this. The city of Colombo also boasts of a number of great Chinese restaurants, and among these, the iconic 88 Seafood House is quite prominent.

88 Chinese Seafood House

About 88 Seafood House

This Seafood House has been in operation for quite some time and so it has really established itself in the market. The restaurant is frequented by not just the locals, but also the growing numbers of Chinese expats who live in the city.

88 Chinese Seafood House

Located in Havelock Road, Colombo 05, 88 Seafood House can be quite easily reached from many parts of the city. If you need to make a reservation, you can call the restaurant directly or get help from Green Holiday Centre.

The food that you find here is not strictly Chinese, as the owners are Malaysian Chinese. Unique renditions of Chinese delicacies are served here to tantalize the taste buds of all. There are options to delight vegetarians as well so you can easily visit this place with a diverse crowd.

88 Chinese Seafood House

The portion sizes served at the restaurant are quite reasonable. The prices are very reasonable too! This makes 88 Seafood House a popular eatery among the Colombo office crowd.

The ambience here is quite basic. The tables are set pretty close to one another so there is very little intimacy. But the place is quite clean and maintained well. The service offered here is pleasing too. The food comes to your table very fast so you can dine here even when you are in a rush. All in all, 88 Seafood House is a great place to visit if you want to grab a quick bit of delicious Chinese delicacies!


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