41 Sugar

41 Sugar

41 Sugar is a delightful pub located in Maitland Crescent in Colombo. The wining and dining experience here will surely delight you! The place is exceptionally well maintained and the food and beverage menus are quite impressive too.

41 Sugar

The fruity cocktails which are offered at 41 Sugar easily steal the limelight! The exotic flavors of these refreshing cocktails will soothe your senses and give you the rejuvenation you need at the end of a busy and tiring day. You should also try out the wines here! 41 Sugar is known to have one of the best selections of wines in the city of Colombo after all! They usually have Happy Hour promotions so you will be able to save some money while indulging in their exquisite beverages.

41 Sugar

What’s in the 41 Sugar

The food menu at 41 Sugar is also quite impressive. The portion sizes are not too big. The prices aren’t very low either. So if you are dining on a tight budget you will have to order your meals wisely. Of course, there are lots of great options that you can try out here to give your taste buds a delightful treat!

The service offered at here is quite good too. The waiters are quite friendly and you will be able to get your food on the table relatively quickly. It is not very crowded during weekdays too.

The ambience of 41 Sugar is indeed quite sweet! The luxurious leather sofas, the stylish chandelier and the incredible views of the Indian Ocean, all contrive to create a perfect backdrop for a remarkable dining experience. If you visit during the golden hour of the sunset, you will be able to create an enchanting memory as you dine here for sure!

Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to obtain more information about 41 Sugar. There are plenty of great places in city of Colombo that you can visit to enjoy a sensational culinary adventure!


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